Our Farm's Story

We are "accidental farmers". After having our first child and watching documentaries about how supermarket foods are raised and grown, we decided we needed to change our lifestyle! 

We fell in love with the small town of Tiverton, RI and found a 16 acre farm there. So, we sold our house in Boston and moved to RI. We adopted some goats, bought 25 chickens for eggs and were set on starting our farmstead. We started getting more eggs than we could eat and that's when opportunity knocked on our door; we started selling the extra eggs to a farm to table restaurant. From there we met many amazing chefs in RI who were looking for pasture raised quality and the Gnarly Vines Farm was born. 

The property had been inoperative for several years before we purchased it and all the gnarly vines were taking over what once used to be pasture. We started with some machine work but the vines came back the next spring. We read, watch videos, asked other farmers and learned a lot by making mistakes. Along the way we discovered that using animals to clear the land and restore the pasture was the most effective, economical and green way of regenerating our land.  This method also turns green plants in delicious protein!

Today we raise chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, and specialty poultry like Guinea hens; we also source beef from local farms. We work with the best chefs and restaurants in Rhode Island and have partnered with Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol to rejuvenate their pastures as well. We are proud of our products, the sustainable way we raise our animals and the way so many amazing chefs are able to show off their skills using the best products they can get buy, direct from our farm. 

Our animals are fed project verified non-GMO grain and have plenty of room to forage for grasses, bugs and roots like they should. That also means the meat and eggs we raise have more nutrients and taste far better than anything raised in a stressful CAFO opperation. 

We work with our customers to raise the meat and eggs you want. so, if there is something you want but don't see, please contact us and let us know.

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