Food Security CSA - if we plan ahead there is no shortage of meat!

We want to be very transparent with our customers so read this before signing up

A CSA helps the farmers because it is upfront capital for us to purchase animals, feed, supplies, etc. It helps you because you know where your food is coming from, who is raising and how it is being raised. It helps the environment because we raise them in a regenerative way without the use of pesticides and confined animals.

You can choose the CSA that works for you

Conventional, shop a la carte

We have the conventional CSA where you can choose a level - $300 (suggested for small 1-2 people) $600 (3-4 people) and $1000 (5+ people). In return you get a 10% on all our available inventory including our specialty meats like rabbit, duck, guinea hens (except prepared foods and seafood). A credit will be added to your account and you can shop at our website or farmers markets we participate in.

Bulk / Whole Animal / Go in with a group of people

If you prefer the bulk style CSA where you tell us how many animals to raise for the year, that works too. Here we would raise a whole cow or pork and have it all cut up the way you (and your group) want and then you take home your boxes of cuts. You need freezer space for that.

This style takes more coordinating but you are sure to get what you want. But remember - we don't raise just "pork chops or T-bones", we raise whole animals and with larger animals we have to plan well so we can find buyer for the cuts you don't want. Think about how much meat you eat per week and what types of meat. Is your family just a chicken breast consumer? Do you eat pork? Do you like to try new cuts? We can work with you to satisfy our needs.

We are transparent about our offerings and where it all comes from

Starting in May until late Fall we have plenty of chicken we raise in the pastures at Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol RI and we stock up on as much as we can for the winter. Pork is pretty much always available, we just do different cuts depending on the season - say, for Easter we have more smoked hams, in the summer more steaks and sausages, more stews in the fall/winter...

We don't raise our own beef yet - we are thinking about starting a heard this year at Coggeshall but we are waiting for the fencing to be installed. Meanwhile we source beef from other local small farms.

Your money doesn't expire - our CSA is year round and you can shop our available inventory anytime. A credit will be issued to your account when you sign up and payment automatically taken out as you shop. You can always check your balance, or add more money to your account.

If you have any questions about our CSAs please do not hesitate to call us at 401-816-5021