Food Security CSA

For the uninitiated, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  This is the term used when people buy their food directly from the farm - cutting out the "middleman" (or middle-person) - the grocery store.  This helps us the farmer, but also helps the customer to get the freshest possible food!

Our CSA is a little different from other farms in that we run our CSA year-round and grow to order. We work with our customers the same way we work with our restaurants - we communicate with them to understand their needs then raise the animals to satisfy the individual needs of each. This approach helps our customers so you have the meat and eggs you want, when you want them. This approach also leaves us with far less excess meat to help us keep our prices low. 

You can call us to help you determine your base meat needs, choosing the types, cuts and amounts your family normally eats for the year. We then raise those animals for you giving your family food security, each week, even when the grocery stores are empty! 

For example, our family eats approximately one and a 1/2 chickens per week, so we raise about 75 chickens per year for us. Additionally, we eat a small amount of beef and a moderate amount of pork, so we account for those cuts as well. As a customer, we could chose to pick up 1 chicken every other week and 2 chickens on the odd weeks (average 1.5).  Then take all of our beef in the beginning of the summer and our pork in the fall.  Whatever works for you, we can accommodate.  Even though we raise to order, there are always extras to chose from, and as a CSA member, you are entitled to 15% off of all your purchases here on our website.

We offer pickup schedules weekly so that you can get fresh food even with a small refrigerator or freezer (see our pickup locations page).  We also offer delivery in many areas. 

Our payment options are flexible as well.  What works for most people is to pay 50% of the order (estimated) quarterly, then pay the remainder of you weekly order when you pick up.  So, if you pickup weekly, you would pay 50% at the beginning of the quarter, then pay the other 50% weekly for what you pickup that week.  If you need other payment arrangements, we can certainly work something out, just give us a call or send us an email.

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